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Q & A About My Travels

I just passed the halfway point of my trip, and I realized some of you still might not know what I’m doing. I emailed some friends and asked if they had any questions about my trip. Here’s what they asked. Thanks to everyone who asked these questions! You can ask me more questions if you […]

New Adventures In New Zealand

First of all, I would like to apologize for not writing a blog post in so long. So much has happened and I can’t keep track of all of it! Plus, we were on the road a lot. We recently left Nelson, New Zealand, where we lived for two weeks, and went on a three-day […]

R & R in Our NZ RV

I’ve traveled by plane, I’ve traveled by bus, I’ve traveled by train, and now I am proud to say I’ve traveled by RV. About a week ago, we got our rental RV. Basically, there is a kitchen, a couch, table and benches, a loft, a bathroom, and all these closets and drawers that we keep […]