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Q & A About My Travels

I just passed the halfway point of my trip, and I realized some of you still might not know what I’m doing. I emailed some friends and asked if they had any questions about my trip. Here’s what they asked. Thanks to everyone who asked these questions! You can ask me more questions if you […]

Boys On Bikes: A Q&A With Traveling Twins Breaking A World Record

What would it be like to travel about 20,000 miles on bike? These guys are finding out! Daryl and Davy Vogel are 11-year-old twin brothers biking from Alaska to the bottom of South America with their mom and dad. After 30 months of bike riding are over, they will have broken the world record of […]

Pros and Cons of Traveling for a Year

Some of you might think that traveling for a year is your dream; home schooling, being with family, it all sounds great. Others may think that doing this is your worst nightmare and you would never take the time to do something like this; you’re stuck with your family, and it’s way too much work […]

Adapting To Home Schooling

This year as I travel I will be home schooling. Home schooling is in some ways similar and in a lot of ways different. My parents are home schooling me, but I am doing most of the same work my class in Piedmont Middle School is doing. Home schooling lasts two to four hours a […]