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Flipping for CATS

I wanted to do something active in Boulder — something I liked and did back in Piedmont — so I did CATS gymnastics. CATS gymnastics is located off 30th Street in Boulder and stands for Colorado Athletic Training School. Here’s a movie my brother and I helped my mom make about CATS: It is a […]

Cutting My Hair for “LOL”

On September 20th, I went from long to short. I used to have long, straight blond hair. I used to love my long hair, but it was a total pain to wash and brush, and no matter how hard I tried, there were always knots in it. I decided to cut it all off not […]

My First Time Water Tubing

I’m bounding across the water in a tube, water spraying in my face as I yell, “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!.” I feel the rush of the cool water freezing off my feet and my lifejacket clinging to me. My hair is drenched and going everywhere. “Pull us in!” I yell. Jim turns off the boat and pulls us […]

Adapting To Home Schooling

This year as I travel I will be home schooling. Home schooling is in some ways similar and in a lot of ways different. My parents are home schooling me, but I am doing most of the same work my class in Piedmont Middle School is doing. Home schooling lasts two to four hours a […]

First Stop: Colorado

We started out with a three-day drive from Piedmont, California, to Telluride, Colorado. But instead of three days, it felt like a lifetime. I managed to go through eight magazines, around a thousand songs, I drew a ton, and talked and talked and talked with my family. But all in all when we got to […]