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17 Hours on the Big Blue Bus

Leather seats wide enough for two people? check Polyester fleece blankets? check Half-stuffed pillow? check Seats that recline 180 degrees? check TV playing weird movies? check Seat belt damp with cleaning fluids? check IPods, Kindles, and laptops out and ready? check On a bus? check!

Chocolate: The Good, The Bad, and The Bariloche

“Eeewww!!!!! This is absolutely terrible!!! Eeeewww!!!!!” I scream. “Colly, just give it to me,” my mom says. “Are you sure? It’s disgusting!!” I say. My mom thinks I’m overreacting, so just to prove it she takes a bite. “Oh my god!!!” she says as she chucks it out the window of the car. “It’s like […]

Pros and Cons of Traveling for a Year

Some of you might think that traveling for a year is your dream; home schooling, being with family, it all sounds great. Others may think that doing this is your worst nightmare and you would never take the time to do something like this; you’re stuck with your family, and it’s way too much work […]

Short Stories of the Sights, Sounds, and Tastes of Buenos Aires

I have no clue what anybody anywhere around me is saying. A cab driver is screaming at me. I’m digging into a beef empanada. I’m watching Project Runway during a crazy thunderstorm with people shouting in the streets. I’m climbing through a giant toilet at a kids’ museum at a ginormous mall. I am in […]