My Favorite Place So Far…

by Colly

My favorite place on this trip has been Vernazza, Italy, in the region called Cinque Terre. Why? Maybe because it was warm and sunny every day, or maybe it’s because there was an amazing beach right next to us, or maybe it’s because half the people there spoke English. Vernazza is so beautiful. The Mediterranean’s water is so clear, and there are grape vines growing up the hill with green vegetation surrounding them. The old original buildings are really well kept and are really fun to stay in. Most of the people there speak English, so it was really fun to be able to talk to people and know where they’re from.

A little while ago, my dad’s camera broke, and he bought a new one. Well, it turned out his camera wasn’t really broken, so he had an extra camera that he gave to me since I loved taking pictures in Rome. My mom asked me to write about why Vernazza is my favorite place, so I did. When I was done, my dad helped me put it in a slide show with all my photos that I took in Vernazza. Thank you, David Glass (my old piano teacher), for letting me put your music in the slide show. My brother wrote about Vernazza, too, and his story is also in the slide show. (If you play the video full screen, you can read the words better.)

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6 Responses to “My Favorite Place So Far…”

  1. So, so beautiful!!!

  2. Colly – Your pictures and verse are so beautifully put to together and so expressive of your and Kyle’s love of this part of Italy. Kyle you look like you have grown taller in this one month alone. What a wonderful way to say good by to one of the most scenic places on earth. You would know, you have been to so many places this year. I’m sure glad your Dad gave you that camera and lots of photo shop skills.

    Love to you all, Mimi

  3. This is cool!!

  4. sooooo prettyyy

  5. David Lavender on June 1st, 2010 at 7:01 am


    Sorry to be so slow in responding to your wonderful slideshow. Other than the constant intrusion of Lego Batman, it wounds like a marvelous day, and you’ve captured it beautifully with both your words and pictures.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  6. omg, its so pretty and awesome looking!
    merey <3