Roaming in Rome

by Colly

One day we were going on a day trip to somewhere in Spain, so my dad gave me his digital camera and told me to take a couple of pictures of whatever I liked. I took 234 photos.

From then on, wherever I went I would have the camera with me. In Rome, I probably took over 300 photos. My dad let me set up a Flickr account and told me that I’d have to choose about 25 pictures to put up, because if I put 300 photos up, people would get bored, really fast. Here are my photos! Click play, then click the bottom right icon to make the slide show go to full screen, then click SHOW INFO in the top right corner for a caption.

5 Responses to “Roaming in Rome”

  1. The photo of the girls laying on the floor checking out the ceiling is super cool…the ceiling must have looked pretty amazing for them to lay down like that in the middle of a busy Great shots have a fantastic eye for cool pics…I’m looking forward to seeing the next city :)

  2. Wow Colly! You are a really good photographer. Your are definitely following in your daddy’s footsteps! Rome looks amazing. Keep taking pictures wherever you go.

    Love you and your bro –


  3. nice colly! u could be a photographer. not this summer but the next one im going to france and italy! maybe ill see all those things. I can be like, “huh. colly was once standing right here.” lol. have fun in rome!


  4. OMG i remember a bunch of those places from when I went to rome!!!!!!!!!!
    that is so cool
    btw when i stayed in rome our apartment was right near the fountain of love
    that is sooo weird
    did u see the spanish steps?
    i hope ur having fun

  5. Colly – Your pictures of Rome are sooooo fabulous. They also bring back so many happy times we had together with you and your family. The pictures also remind me that we had such good weather, that is until the last night with all that thunder and rain. I thought we were in Mammoth with all that noise!

    George and I are so glad you all made it on the train to Venice. Even the New York Times today mentioned the awfulness of Italian train ticket booths that don’t function. At least the Italians put off their strikes during the volcano mess (unlike the French). Is’nt travel such an adventure?

    Love to you and Kyle – Mimi