When I Think of the Buddha–I Think of Shopping!

by Colly

In my history book I am learning about Ancient India’s religions, so when we were in Hong Kong, we decided to visit the giant bronze Buddha. We didn’t actually mean to see the Buddha the day we did. We were going to see a museum, so we took a thirty-minute taxi ride all way to the museum only to find that it was closed. So, we jumped on the subway and went to the Buddha instead.

Hong Kong is really fun but the city is really busy.

Hong Kong was really fun but the city is really busy. I liked seeing all the shops, but I didn't like all the people on the sidewalks.

We were really exicited to see this musem so, we went to another island of Hong Kong only to find that it's closed on Tuesdays.

We were really exicited to see this museum, but we found that it's closed on Tuesdays.

Buddhism is India’s second major religion (the first is Hinduism). There was a prince named Siddhartha Gautama and one day he went into a village and saw poor people who were sick and dying. He realized that he didn’t want to be a prince anymore so he became an ascetic. An ascetic is someone who gives up worldly pleasures, like eating, drinking, anything! Anyway, Siddhartha realized two things: that he was really skinny, and that he didn’t really like being an ascetic. So, he tried to find a middle path. He meditated under a tree for a very long time and finally he reached enlightment, becoming the Buddha.

We had to walk up 250 steps to see th Buddha.

We had to walk up 250 steps to get to the Buddha.

When we got off the subway there wasn’t a Buddha in sight. We asked somebody and they pointed us to a giant gondola building. It turned out that we had to take a thirty-minute gondola to the Buddha. We paid extra so that we got a glass bottom.

I'm glad we got the glass bottem because it pretty cool.

I'm glad we got the glass bottom because it was pretty cool to see below us.

When we got out of the gondola there was huge shopping development. We walked up to it and there were the most ridiculous stores, like the chopstick gallery, or a whole store devoted to paper fans. It was a maze to find the Buddha, but we finally found it.

When we got off the gondola there wasn't a Buddha in sight.

The Buddha didn't shop, did he? Then why does his statue have a giant shopping development at the base of it?

When we got the top it was really impressive. The Buddha had small symbols that represented stuff. One of the symbols looked like a Nazi sign but the lines were backwards so it meant peace. In a way the Buddha reminded me a lot of the pictures of Santa Claus, a big, jolly, relaxed man.

All the time, my family and I were thinking that the Buddha was built a super long time ago by ancient people. Later we found out that the Buddha was only built in 1993, which was kind of a disappointment.

Since there wasn’t a single sign about the Buddha, we decided to see a movie at the shopping mall about Siddhartha becoming the Buddha.

It was the most disturbing thing ever.

It started out with this twenty-something macho guy racing elephants, then having this really sappy epiphany about two paths in his life. The scariest part was the end, when Siddhartha melted into this 21-century businessman shopping in Hong Kong. Basically, it was like Disney took over the Buddha story and turned it into a fairy tale.

Even though our day trip was a disappointment it was still really interesting seeing the Buddha.

Disneyland was awesome even if it was kind of small.

Disneyland was awesome even if it was kind of small.

Right now I am actually in Barcelona, and before that I had my 12th birthday in Hong Kong Disneyland. Disneyland was pretty fun, but it was a lot smaller than the Disneyland in California. Even though it was smaller it still had Space Mountain that I went on about 50 times! Hong Kong was great and so is Barcelona. I can’t believe that my trip is almost over, 10 weeks left!

This is a really fun rope course that we found in Barclona.

This is a really fun rope course that we found in Barcelona.

Barcolona Is really cool. Here I am standing in one of Gaudi's famous buildings.

Barcelona is really interesting. Here I am standing in one of Gaudi's famous buildings.

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  1. Hi Colly! This is a funny and interesting post. It’s so weird to see ancient, historical stuff mixing with contemporary stuff like shopping. How were all those stairs??! Wow – you’ve done so many things on this trip that I can’t imagine myself doing. I’m glad you got to go to DLand on your bday. I bet that was great. Your mom called the other day and we had a chance to get caught up. Sounds like Barcelona was great. Glad you goddessmommy Cheryl got to come and visit!

    Lots of love to you and Kyle –


  2. Hey~~ that is funny….. we just finished buddhism and we r on spring break!! can’t wait 4 u 2 get home and julia told me u r going to camp A. and that me and her are sopposed to tie u up with duct tape u flexible girl!!

  3. my teacher would be thrilled if she read this. lol.
    miss ya,

  4. lol how commercial can u get?
    your already in barcelona?! slow down!
    wait speed up so u can be HOME
    miss u