Down Under With an Old Friend in a New Place

by Colly

I haven’t been the only one traveling and trying new things. My friend Abby’s dad is the new United States Ambassador for Australia. Her whole family moved to the embassy about two months ago, so we decided to visit them in Canberra.

When we first got there, we took a tour of Canberra with the Bleiches.

When we first got there, we took a tour of Canberra with the Bleiches.

It was awesome! For four days straight we ate candy, had a Glee marathon, and talked. We also stayed up late making videos and taking photos on photo booth. It was so nice being around people other than my family. :-) Here is a video we made:

YouTube Preview Image

Her house is not only huge but amazing; each room is a different color with antique furniture and intricate designs.

On Wednesday I went to school in Australia. I know this sounds weird, but I did. I got to shadow Abby at her school, Canberra Girls’ Grammar School, for half a day.

Some people might think that school sucks and they would rather die than go, but, when you’ve been homeschooling by yourself for seven months now, you love to see anybody. Anyway, Wednesday morning Abby loaned me her other uniform, and her mom gave us a ride to school. Her uniform is a blue and white striped dress that goes a little bit above the knees, you also have to wear black leather shoes and a blue sun hat. Wearing a uniform is okay with me, but I didn’t really like wearing a dress. I was thinking more about which way my dress was going than what was going on. Her school is an all-girls school from third grade and above. I was so scared because I was going to a school that I had never heard of, with tons of people I don’t know, so I was terrified but excited.

When we got out of the car and went in the building I was amazed. Abby’s school is beautiful.

The Canberra Girls' Grammar School had amazing vegetation that I wish my school had.

The Canberra Girls' Grammar School had amazing vegetation that I wish my school had.

It’s kind of like a box; classrooms make up the two-story walls and in the middle is a huge garden with really pretty vegetation and an open roof. Abby showed me to her classroom and people started swarming us, asking and telling us stuff. One girl said that we both look like twin American Girl dolls, which I thought was funny.

We're a long way from Piedmont Middle School!

We're a long way from Piedmont Middle School!

Finally Abby’s teacher, Mrs. McGregger, opened the door and we all went in. The classroom looked like any other classroom with lots of colors, work pinned up on the walls, and a white board.

First Mrs. McGregger made us all sit on the rug while she read us a story. It took me a while to sit down with a dress on. The story was called Peaceful Heroes; it was about people who did good in their life during hard times.

After the story we did spelling groups to learn spelling and vocabulary. I learned that in Australia, you have to write in blue pen and in cursive, which is hard since I’m a pencil person.

I would just like to tell you that I don’t know a single word of French. I know a little Spanish and Italian but not French. So, when I heard that I was going to a French class, you can probably guess how I felt. When I came in to the French classroom, there were posters of France pinned up everywhere. I was really sad that my family and I aren’t going to France because it’s so pretty! We all sat down and the teacher gave us work sheets. Surprisingly I didn’t fail! Most of the words are a lot like Spanish words so it wasn’t too hard.

The blue dresses are are their class uniform, and the red and white uniform is their PE uniform.

The blue dresses are are their class uniform, and the red and white uniform is their PE uniform.

Recess was really cool. It was kind of odd because everybody was wearing the same thing. I got to meet lots of Abby’s friends. My mom picked me up and I was really sad to go.

Abby, thank you so much for letting us stay with you. It was a great experience to go to a different school. I really hope I can see you again.

9 Responses to “Down Under With an Old Friend in a New Place”

  1. that sounds so fun!!!! wish i was there!!!

  2. Colly (and Abby) – YOUR MOVIE IS FANTASTIC!!! What talent and creativity! How clever you two are! You are real technological pros to be able to put it together like that. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. I love your story about your day at school. It must have been so interesting. You and Abby look adorable. Your mom told me about your stay and it sounds great. I know you’re in Hong Kong right now and I’m looking forward to hearing how you and Kyle like things.

    Love you and miss you soooooooo much,


  3. I love the video!! How did you decide who was hot and who was cold…lol. You and Abby are both looking so grown up these days…where does the time go? (especially since I haven’t aged a day..hee hee) I’m glad you got to spend some fun times with Abby..sorta like an earlier Bday present! Love you and miss you! I’ll see you soon
    ..then maybe Kyle and I will do a video so he doesn’t feel left! (uhm…or maybe we’ll just get ice cream)

  4. Colly – Viewing your very professional video and seeing you both having so much fun was so exciting for George and me. We loved it. Yes you are both so grown up. Can’t say the uniforms are striking but they are so Traditional and the blue hats are very wise for Australia. Is there some way to save the video so Grandfather can see it and see how much fun you are having? What do you and Kyle think of Hong Kong?

    Love to all your family and can’t wait to see you,


  5. This is a great sum-up of my all-girls school! You took great pics, and I uploaded Prince Of Parties to youtube. Have fun!

  6. Colly,

    FANTASTIC video! (How was Abby harmed?).

    Watching this really reminded me of your aunt Siobhan when she was your age and her best, best buddy, Oneal (Bren called her “oatmeal”) used to spend hours together, watching Friends and doing goofy stuff like this (though, I must say that your skills as a videographer are pretty darned impressive!–all Siobhan and her buddy had was a still camera).

    Anyway, enjoy Honk Kong and have a terrific birthday (will it be a day earlier or later because of the international date line?)

    Lots of love from Karen as well.

  7. LOL i want to go to abby’s school. their pe uniforms look like PMS’s only our are purple and gray!! Miss ya!

  8. omg, colly and abby, your video rox! the school is so pretty! i wish our school was that green! (ha ha. u don’t get it? o forget it.)
    keep on being cool (this is also to abby),

    p.s, how was abby harmed???????

  9. i love your video!!! it must have been weird to go to an austrailian school