Q & A About My Travels

by Colly

I just passed the halfway point of my trip, and I realized some of you still might not know what I’m doing. I emailed some friends and asked if they had any questions about my trip. Here’s what they asked. Thanks to everyone who asked these questions! You can ask me more questions if you want in the comment field.

Q: What is your favorite part about traveling the world?

A: Definitely seeing new places, because every place is different. For example, our first stop in New Zealand was Auckland (Auckland is a big city). After Auckland we went to Harris Hill in Nelson, which is in a small town with big fields, a huge bay, and lots of hills all around it. Both places were completely different but I still liked being in both of them.

Q: What is your least favorite part about traveling the world?

Here is my family and my dog with all of our luggage.

Here is my family and my dog with all of our luggage.

A: Besides getting homesick, the luggage. It’s either we have too much and it’s impossible to carry it around, or we don’t have what we need and we’re freezing or too hot.

Q: How much luggage do you travel with?

A: Well, we have 6 small carry-ons: 3 back packs, 1 computer bag, 1 shoulder bag, and 1 camera bag. We also have 5 main suitcases: 1 bag for each of us, and 1 huge black suitcase with all of our home schooling supplies. The suitcase with all of our supplies we call “the black tick.” Everyday we talk about needing to clean it out, but instead it keeps growing and growing. It has stuff we never use but we don’t want to throw away either. Right now the black tick is overflowing.

Q: What’s your favorite place and why?

A: I have no idea; every place I go to I love. But, if I had to choose, I’d say Abel Tasman National Park. That’s where I sea kayaked for three days, and if you want to read more about it you can at http://away-together.com/2010/01/07/kayak-adventure-around-abel-tasman-park/

Here’s a movie that my mom made about our family and friends kayaking there:YouTube Preview Image

Q: How old do you have to be to go sea kayaking at Abel Tasman?

A: Truthfully, you have to be 14 years old to go sea kayaking for three days. I really have no clue how we convinced them to let us go.

Q: Where have you been so far on your trip?

A: This list is only the first five months!

  1. Fallon, NV
  2. Telluride, CO
  3. Mesa Verde National Park and Durango, CO
  4. Boulder CO
  5. Grand Canyon South Rim
  6. Sedona, AZ
  7. Barstow, CA
  8. Pacific Palisades, CA
  9. Ojai, CA
  10. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  11. Colonia, Uruguay
  12. Bariloche, Argentina
  13. Villa La Angostura, Argentina
  14. Mendoza, Argentina
  15. Santiago, Chile
  16. Auckland, NZ
  17. Waitangi and Bay of Islands, NZ
  18. Kerikeri, NZ
  19. Rotorua and Bay of Plenty, NZ
  20. Wellington, NZ
  21. Nelson, NZ
  22. Karamea and West Coast, NZ
  23. Flock Hill on Arthur’s Pass, NZ
  24. Queenstown, NZ

I hope I’m not forgetting any!

Q: What do you miss from a regular school and from Piedmont?

A: I think the thing I miss most is the people, my friends, my teachers, my neighbors, anyone I know — my whole social life. I also really miss my house; it’s really fun to travel, but it’s also really hard to always be moving from house to house, hotel room to hotel room, or motel to motel. I also miss after school activities like drama, trapeze or gymnastics. But we do try to find things we can do wherever we are.

Here's Kyle and me doing a bungee jump trampoline in Queenstown.

Here's Kyle and me doing a bungee jump trampoline in Queenstown.

For example, in Boulder I did gymnastics, and you can read more about it at http://www.collyworld.com/2009/09/flipping-for-cats/

Q: Do you get homesick often?

A: Yes I do; I’ve been away from Piedmont for about five months now and I still get homesick.

Q: How did you feel when you heard you were going on this trip?

A: Well, I was really scared at first. This is what happened: At first my parents just thought of the idea of going away for a year. They didn’t tell us at first, but every day it made more and more sense to them. When they did tell us I thought they were kidding — going away for a year? Why? I got really freaked out because I didn’t want to. I was about to start 6th grade! But every time we talked about traveling for a year, we got used to the idea and even excited! So finally after all of the planning, our year-round trip happened.

Q: Do you feel like it’s going to be hard to readjust from such a flexible schedule?

A: Yes, definitely.

Q: Are you having fun?

A: All the time. Like I said, I do get homesick, but I’m still having fun. I get to do so many fun and amazing things that I would never get to try if I didn’t go on this trip. For example, zorbing or petting eels or going to WOW, and you can read more about it at http://www.collyworld.com/2010/01/new-adventures-in-new-zealand/

Q: Where are you?

A: Right now I’m staying with some family friends in Queenstown, New Zealand.

My parents looking dopey in Queenstown after a "terrifying" ride on the luge. (It was only terrifying to my mom.)

My parents looking dopey in Queenstown after a "terrifying" ride on the luge. (It was only terrifying to my mom.)

Q: How is Queenstown different from the city of Piedmont?

A: It’s really different because it has a giant glacier lake with mountains and glaciers all around it. There are sheep everywhere!

Q: How has your travel been so far?

A: Well we just celebrated our half waypoint on our trip and so far everything has gone great. No real problems have happened like losing luggage, getting really sick, or anything like that.

Q: What foreign languages have you heard people speak?

A: I have heard Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, and Maori.

Q: Is it hard getting used to sleeping in a different place frequently?

A: Not for me, I can sleep at any time, anywhere, forever.

Q: Now much do you home school (hours per day)?

A: We don’t really keep track of the hours because we are learning all the time. We’re going to visitor centers, seeing and learning about monuments, going to national parks, and reading nonstop. But, when we are doing “schooling schooling” (math, writing, science), we try to do an average of three hours a day. I know it might sound short, but we home school on weekends and vacations too.

Q: Have you gotten carsick yet?

A: Definitely. We have to do really long drives sometimes, so I like to read in the car, but I end up getting really carsick and having to pull over. I haven’t thrown up yet though.

Q: Is it annoying to have to be with your brother the whole time?

A: I thought I would be really sick of him by now, but instead I am really glad I have him to talk to or else I would be soooooo lonely and bored!

Kyle and I crossed a swinging rope bridge fifty feet up in the air above a river. I'm glad I have him to talk to and do stuff with.

Kyle and I crossed a swinging rope bridge fifty feet up in the air above a river. I'm glad I have him to talk to and do stuff with.

Q: Is it weird talking to people in other languages or accents?

A: It’s okay in English-speaking countries, but it’s a little harder in others. All you really have to know is please, thank you, etc. I know a little bit of Spanish and I am learning Italian too. Good bye! Adios! Arrivederci!

10 Responses to “Q & A About My Travels”

  1. Hi Colly! Half way–wow! Actually, it seems like you guys just left. I guess it’s true what they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” I really like this blog post because I feel like you’re right here in the room telling me about your feelings. It’s really honest and interesting to read. When I get an overview like this post, I can see how much this experience is really changing you and shaping your life. Your world and your personal perspective is so much bigger now. Not that growing up/life as usual in Piedmont isn’t great…but can you imagine ever NOT having this experience and how your life would seem different? I’m really proud of you and your brother for being such great examples of being open to new places, people and ideas. You are seeming very mature and intelligent to me these days! Please kiss your family and consider yourself kisses, too by all the Howards. We love you and miss you!

    : ) Martha

  2. Sweetie (this is your mom) — I thought of a few places left off your list where we have been:
    – Arches Nat’l Park in Moab, Utah
    – Black Canyon Nat’l Park in Gunnison, CO
    – Also, we spent time in Silverton and Ouray while in Southwestern Colorado
    In New Zealand, we had a stopover in Taupo (middle of the North Island) on the way to Wellington, and then on the West Coast we spent time in the towns of Westport and Greymouth as well as the ones listed above.

    Martha — thanks for your comment!

  3. Hey Colly-
    Love the Q&A format..Here’s one for you- What were the most interesting/tasty/gross new foods that you have eaten during your travels? Love you!


  4. Hi Colly – Caroline has introduced me to your blog and it’s so fun to read. You’ve already been to two of the top countries on my list – Argentina and New Zealand. I enjoy your mom’s blog too, and am totally envious! It looks like you and your family are having an wonderful trip. We can’t wait to hear from you in your next locale.

    Amy Pernick

  5. Hi Cheryl!
    I think the most interesting/tasty/gross thing I have eaten on this trip is definitely my tuna fish/pineapple salad. In Argentina they give a list of items that you could put in your salad and , so, I chose tuna fish and pineapple. The waiter kept looking me like I was crazy:)
    ~Colly (A.K.A. owner of collyworld)~

  6. COLLY!! Man i miss u! this sounds majorly weird but i told my teacher about u and she said that she really wants to meet u!! lol sre i had to tell u that! COME HOME SOON!!! LUV YA!!


  7. Wait how did u get Teddy back from Colorado?

  8. colly photos are great miss u hope to hear from u soon


  9. Hi!!!!!! OMG your trip looks so beutiful and fun. sorry, typos. But you guys look like your having a blat!! We all miss u!! By the way, we r all going to like attack u when u come home, so beware

    J and a yay