R & R in Our NZ RV

by Colly

I’ve traveled by plane, I’ve traveled by bus, I’ve traveled by train, and now I am proud to say I’ve traveled by RV.

Our RV is so cool. I love it!

Our RV is so cool. I love it!

About a week ago, we got our rental RV. Basically, there is a kitchen, a couch, table and benches, a loft, a bathroom, and all these closets and drawers that we keep our stuff in. We are touring the whole North Island of New Zealand. The RV is really bumpy and rattles a lot because of everything in it. My dad is stuck with driving it, so it’s the hardest for him because he has to drive the biggest car he has ever driven while driving on the wrong side of the road!

Sometimes Kyle and I like to play cards in the loft where I also sleep.

Sometimes Kyle and I like to play cards in the loft where I also sleep.

It is like a rain forest here; there are lots and lots of trees and it rains all the time, but we are really lucky because we have had sunny weather. It’s almost Christmas here and it is really warm. I’m wearing flip flops, t-shirts, and shorts every day, but back in California where I live it’s snowing near sea level!

The RV is so cool, but there is only one thing cooler than the RV: the RV parks.

All RV parks that I've been to are awesome.

All RV parks that I've been to are awesome.

Park #1: The first RV park we ever stayed at was just outside of Auckland (pronounced “Oakland”). It had a beach and a lot of grass. What’s the cool thing? Right next to the RV park was a water park! It had 12 pools and 10 huge water slides. After I was done schooling for the day we got to go to it! One pool was really warm because of geothermal heat. It was dark in that pool because it was a movie room too!

The first RV park that we went to had a big rock in the ocean that looked like a turtle so we called it turtle rock.

The first RV park that we went to had a big rock in the ocean that looked like a turtle so we called it turtle rock.

Park #2: The second park wasn’t that special; it was just a normal RV park with hook-ups, grass, parking spaces, and picnic tables.

Park # 3: The third park was really fun. It was almost at the top of the North Island. There was a really deep river and above it a rope swing that you can swing off of and into the river. It was so fun, I kept trying to jump off but ending up not. The RV park also had a huge play structure with a climbing wall, a rope course, a tight wire, and bars that Kyle loved to play on.

Park #4: The fourth park was definitely my favorite. It had 4 trampolines, a zip line, a river, a play structure, and a soccer field. I probably went on the zip line 50 times; it’s not that high, it just goes super fast.

This park was my favorite it had a really fun zip line.

This park was my favorite. It had a really fun zip line...

... and tramoline that i loved to go on.

... and trampoline that I loved to go on.

Park #5: The last park was a little closer to Auckland because we had to return the RV the next day. There was a nice view of the beach, so we cooked nachos and ate outside.

Another interesting thing about all the RV parks I’ve been to is the people. I’ve been with people from the UK, Germany, Holland, Japan, Australia, USA (like me), and guess what? Every single person I’ve met has been super nice! For example, I babysat a 19-month-old girl from Holland who was learning to speak English.

Besides the RV parks, we have been taking field trips too. For example, we took a trip to learn about the Maori, the original people in New Zealand. We had a super nice private tour guide at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, where the Maori and British agreed to let the British rule and bring law and order to the land.

Our tour guid showed us the original flag of New Zealand.

Our tour guide showed us the original flag of New Zealand. The four stars represent the Southern Cross, which is the constellation the Maori used to get to New Zealand.

I am so sad we had to return the RV because this has been so fun and I really recommend it. My mom made a movie about it that you can watch: YouTube Preview Image

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  1. ooooo
    i wanna rv!!!
    miss uuuuuu

  2. Hey colly!!!
    the RV sounds SUPER DE DUPER cool!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wanna go in one!!!!!!
    i miss u!!!!!!!
    <3 Sammie Mcgrath!

  3. cool
    RVs are awesome
    like the movie called RV
    lol sorry i talk about random things
    miss you so much!

  4. This is why i want an RV. Those RV parks sound awesome!

  5. soooooooo cooooool! I love the pic of you on the trampoline! You and your brother are really lucky. What card games do you guys play?

    Love you and miss you TONS –


    PS – I just saw the ZORB video this morning. ha ha ha ha ha – you’re a hamster!

  6. Sounds like you guys had a blast! What a cool way to spend the hot Christmas season :) Love

  7. I love reading your blog, Colly, and will be eager to read your next update! It is five degrees in Vermont today, I am jealous of your being so warm “down under”! xoxox Sayso

  8. I WANT AN RV!!!!!! we were going to get one 4 Yosemite. Miss ya sooooooooooo suppppeeeeerrrr bbbbbbaaaaaadddd!!!!!!

  9. I WANNA RV!!!!! it’s so cool looking!

    miss ya,
    merey 😀

  10. Amelia Eldridge on March 30th, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    i went in an rv too except i fell off the top thingy and it hurt. those rv parks sound AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <3 amelia

  11. lol. Auckland pronounced oakland? its properly pronounced “awkland”.
    And i thought it was the left side of the road, not the wrong side. U drive on the right, we drive on the left, get it?

    ps. what is a zip-line?