Chocolate: The Good, The Bad, and The Bariloche

by Colly

“Eeewww!!!!! This is absolutely terrible!!! Eeeewww!!!!!” I scream.

“Colly, just give it to me,” my mom says.

“Are you sure? It’s disgusting!!” I say.

My mom thinks I’m overreacting, so just to prove it she takes a bite. “Oh my god!!!” she says as she chucks it out the window of the car. “It’s like candle wax covered in chocolate! That is terrible!!!”

“I told you, it’s really really gross!” I say.

Meanwhile, my dad and brother are laughing at us like crazy.

Right now you might wonder what we are gagging on: chocolate.

I am in Bariloche. Bariloche is in the Andes Mountains, the Andes Mountains are part of Patagonia, Patagonia is in Argentina (and Chile), and Argentina is in South America. The weather here is crazy! It can be sunny, rainy, or snowy all in the same day, and it has been.

Here I am in the rain outside Bariloche's chocolate museum, or "el museo del chocolate."

Here I am in the rain outside Bariloche's chocolate museum, or "el museo del chocolate."

Chocolate stores dot every single block here! I went to one and it was huge — it had a deli, ice cream store, but mostly chocolate. The store’s name was Tourista. When I went there, I got a dulce de leche chocolate (dulce de leche means “sweet of milk” and is basically caramel) and a marzipan chocolate. I didn’t really know what marzipan was — I thought it was like the Spanish word for marshmallow or something. Later on, when we were driving in our rented, falling apart, cracked Hertz car, my brother and I wanted our chocolate, so my dad gave it to us. First I had the dulce de leche and it was so good! Then I had the marzipan and, well, that’s what I was gagging on. Now I know what marzipan is: egg whites and ground almonds, but it tastes like candle wax.

Since there are so many chocolate stores and chocolate factories in Bariloche, one of the oldest and largest, called Fenoglio, made a chocolate museum. We went to it and toured the factory and learned about the history of chocolate. We saw cacao bean shells, which are light brown and about the size of your thumbnail, and inside they’re a really dark brown, almost black, and that’s what chocolate is made out of.

We learned about how before chocolate was made into a solid bar in England in the mid-1800s, it was a liquid. Bariloche became famous for chocolate because after World War II, one Italian couple moved here and started Fenoglio, and then more Europeans started coming and making chocolate here too.

I helped my mom make a movie about the chocolate museum in Bariloche. It took a long time to put together, and we still haven’t finished it yet because when we went back on the computer to work on it, all the work we did the first day was completely gone. The iMovie program keeps not saving the movie, so instead we just chose some short clips and stuck them together in about a minute before publishing this. I hope you like them.

The cabana is super cozy and this is wear my family and I eat kyle and I homeschool here also.

The cabana is super cozy, and this is where my family and I eat; Kyle and I homeschool here too.

Something else I will really remember is where I’m staying. In Bariloche we are in a cabaña. It’s really cozy  just like a little house; there are two bathrooms, one bedroom, and a kitchen. My parents sleep in the one bedroom, and Kyle and I sleep in the living room, on the L-shaped couch that doubles as two separate beds.

Kyle and I sleep on the L-shaped couch that doubles as two seprate beds. Kyle is reading on the kindle as I use the Iphone.

Kyle and I sleep on the L-shaped couch that doubles as two separate beds. Kyle is reading on the Kindle as I use the Iphone.

Back in Piedmont, my family almost never watched TV during dinner, but at the cabaña there is a TV  facing the table, so, at dinner we always watch American TV reruns like The Nanny, Will & Grace, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, That 70’s Show, and Scrubs. My favorite shows are Seinfeld, That 70’s Show, and Scrubs. Since we’re in a Spanish-speaking country, all the shows have Spanish subtitles, and while Kyle, my dad and I watch the shows, my mom reads the subtitles to practice Spanish.

At the cabaña there are dogs everywhere! There are three tiny white dogs named Snowball, Booboo, and Lulu, and there is a brown and black mix named Lunita. Also, there is a lab named Suzie and two other dogs (that I don’t know the names of), and one cat named Shadow. All of them are so cute! Kyle and I love to play with them.

Not only is the chocolate sweet, but the cabaña and lots more in Bariloche is too.

15 Responses to “Chocolate: The Good, The Bad, and The Bariloche”

  1. Hi Colly, it’s the middle of the night here and I cannot sleep…glad to have your interesting (and very well written!) blog to read. I have to admit that it is making me hungry for chocolate at this hour. I have tried marzipan and it is awful, I hated it, too, and threw it out when I sampled it. It sounds like you are really enjoying your time in Argentina. It is a country that I really want to visit some day. My niece and her boyfriend (now fiance) lived there for nine months and they loved it! I miss you guys! xoxo Sayso

  2. Hi Colly – after watching your video, my mouth is watering! That looks soooo good and I bet it smells really good in that store, too. That’s funny about the marzipan. Merritt had marzipan once because her teacher gave her and her friends a box of it when they were dancing the Marzipan Variation from Nutcracker. She gagged on it, too!!

    I love you and miss you guys –


  3. What’s with all the marzipan bashing?? I LOVE marzipan!!! lol…sounds to me like they just don’t make very good marzipan down there. I’ll have to hunt some down for you when you get back. I tasted some pretty spectacular marzipan in Spain so maybe you should make a note and give it another shot when you get to Spain :) The chocolate museum looked super fun and tasty. I’d love to see more videos! It’s cool to see you “in action” on the road. Love you!

  4. THAT LOOKS SO GOOD i miss u!! -anna

    ps. when should we finally skype?

  5. Hey i miss you alot did u dress up on Halloween? if so what? email meeeeeeee


  6. Daphne and Sloane Valen on November 11th, 2009 at 7:34 am


    Your trip sounds AWESOME! Well, everything but the chocolate and losing movies. You’re a really good writer. You should keep doing it! Maybe we’ll see you in Piedmont when we come to visit next June – if you’re back?

    Love, Daphne and Sloane Valen (4th grade)

  7. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i WANT CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he he he

    miss you

  8. Colly,

    As frustrating as the computer snafus must be (I can’t even watch your clips, because I don’t have quicktime–I’ll try later on my laptop), I really don’t mind because your writing is so incredibly visual. I feel that I can see everything just from the way you describe it, and your (quickly becoming trademark) opening ‘in scene’ is such fun to read because you really put your reader there in the car with you.

    I got an email from your mom that says she kicked butt in her recent marathon (no surprise there!), and she mentioned that you and Kyle had a day more or less on your own. How was that? I know that you had a ‘babysitter’ (not that you really need one), but I’m curious how it felt to have a little independence and distance from your folks there in a foreign country. What did you guys do? Did the person staying with you speak English? How is your Spanish coming along? Please write more as I LOVE reading your blog!

    Much love,

    Uncle David

    P.S. We’ve had almost two feet of snow here (it’s gorgeous), and that new stove your folks helped us install has been running day and night–it’s great! A real improvement on the old stove. Plus, not only will it hold its heat overnight (no more waking up to a cold cabin), because of the glass front, the flames cast a lovely glow in the evenings.

  9. your worst night mare on November 17th, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    hi it is fiona! come back!!!!!!!!!!!! skype?

  10. chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  11. Colly
    I miss you sooo much
    your hair looks awesome!!
    I hate marzipan ALSO!!! cyber high five!!
    Someday i am going to come and ABDUCT you (abduct is my new favorite word) because i miss u of coarse
    LUV YA!!

  12. Colly,

    Your movie was great!!! Thanks for educating me about marzipan. I now know never to eat marzipan!!!


  13. Hi Colly!
    I was just reading the Bariloche chocolate part. When I got to the part about the Marzipan, I turned to my mom and asked if she like Marzipan. Guess what? She LOVES it! I never tried one when I was there but I will next time. But they have good chocolates!
    Have Fun,

  14. omg i am in thailand right now and it is really extremly hot was bariloche fun? say hi 2 makena and hayden when u can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -daphne

  15. Amelia Eldridge on March 30th, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    i am in desperate need of chocolate right now so that movie you made almost killed me.
    , amelia