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17 Hours on the Big Blue Bus

Leather seats wide enough for two people? check Polyester fleece blankets? check Half-stuffed pillow? check Seats that recline 180 degrees? check TV playing weird movies? check Seat belt damp with cleaning fluids? check IPods, Kindles, and laptops out and ready? check On a bus? check!

Chocolate: The Good, The Bad, and The Bariloche

“Eeewww!!!!! This is absolutely terrible!!! Eeeewww!!!!!” I scream. “Colly, just give it to me,” my mom says. “Are you sure? It’s disgusting!!” I say. My mom thinks I’m overreacting, so just to prove it she takes a bite. “Oh my god!!!” she says as she chucks it out the window of the car. “It’s like […]