My First Time Water Tubing

by Colly

I’m bounding across the water in a tube, water spraying in my face as I yell, “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!.” I feel the rush of the cool water freezing off my feet and my lifejacket clinging to me. My hair is drenched and going everywhere. “Pull us in!” I yell. Jim turns off the boat and pulls us in.

I am on a speedboat on the Colorado Ridgeway Reservoir with three friends named Thia, Caroline, and Soleil (I call her So-So). They also have a dog, a black lab named Duchess. I have no idea why they brought her. All she does is jump in the water and make us yell “STOP THE BOAT! STOP THE BOAT!”

Colly Tubing

Water tubing on the Ridgeway Reservoir

Today we were supposed to water ski, but we could not find the water skis so we went tubing instead. We have this huge tube that three people could go in. It’s not really an inner tube; it’s more like a raft with three holes, which have cloth bottoms in them and two handles on the sides of each hole, so you can sit in the hole and hold on. There is a giant skull painted on it — the two rear holes make the eyes, and the front middle one that I sat in makes the nose of the skull.  Since I’m in the middle and in the front, I get splashed the most.

After we were done, we got out of the tube and jumped in the water to swim. Then Duchess escaped from the boat, dove in the tube, and took a dump in it! So, we had to turn over the tube and jump on the bottom of it so the poop would fall out. We were all laughing and grossed out at the same time.

In the end, Jim the boat driver saw that we were running out of gas and had to go back to get the boat on the trailer. We were sad because we wanted to stay and do more tubing, so he let Thia and me drive the boat back! At first I got super scared that I would crash the boat, but then I got the hang of it and it was really fun! It’s just like driving a car but with no foot pedal.

It took a while to load up the boat, so Thia, Caroline, So-So, and I went to the fish-gutting table where fishermen clean their fish. It had a hose, knife, and everything. We sprayed the hose at each other and saw some fish guts. After about five minutes we got bored. We were supposed to walk Duchess, but she was pulling on the leash too much, so we took turns using Thia’s scooter and letting Duchess pull us around the parking lot. Duchess liked it, and so did we.

Then it was over. We sat on the tailgate of the truck listening to Duchess whine and eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches without the peanut butter because we forgot it. I felt really tired but happy. I will never forget my boat ride and tubing on the Colorado Ridgeway Reservoir.

Caroline, Thia, me, and Soleil

Caroline, Thia, me, and Soleil

8 Responses to “My First Time Water Tubing”

  1. Colly very well done, I felt like I was back at the lake. No question you are indeed a Lavender! We look forward to following your blog as you and Kyle travel the world. May all your dispatches be so refreshing.

    Jim ( the boat driver)

  2. miss u sounds so fun!!!!! Don’t forget us while your with your new friends!!!! lol

  3. so cool! i’d be a little scared to go tubing, but it sounds hecka fun!!!! like julia said, don’t forget about us while you’re with your new friends! lol. ,iss u tons!
    hugs and laughs,
    merey : )
    your blog is really good. you’re a REALLY good writer colly.

  4. Hi Colly! Your writing is so descriptive, I could feel the rush of the boat and the wind on my face as I read your latest blog entry! Congratulations on such a great piece. Sounds like it was lots and lots of fun. I miss you –



  5. ditto julia!!!


  6. yup totally…what meredith said basically!!!!

  7. OMG Colly I miss you so much I wish I could see you in real life and I miss you and hope that you don’t forget us while you are with your new friends! OMG…. I don’t want to read this because it is so sad but it is so good so I can’t stop!

  8. Same as izzy and julia!! Miss u!!