Flipping for CATS

by Colly

I wanted to do something active in Boulder — something I liked and did back in Piedmont — so I did CATS gymnastics.

CATS gymnastics is located off 30th Street in Boulder and stands for Colorado Athletic Training School. Here’s a movie my brother and I helped my mom make about CATS:

It is a huge gym with equipment everywhere: a big floor, lots of balance beams side by side, two trampolines, one tumble track, bars, rings, pommel horse, and a lot more. Along with all the equipment, there’s also a climbing wall.

My parents signed Kyle and me up for private lessons because the afterschool group lessons were crowded, and there wasn’t a boy’s class for Kyle. Usually the gym is super loud from people talking and coaching, but we got to go at two o’clock so almost everyone was in school.

Kyle, however, did not want to go at all. “I hate gymnastics, I don’t wanna go! I’m not going to like it — I suck at it! Uuuuugggggg!!!!!!!!” he moaned.

“We aren’t forcing you to go, just see how you like it. You might love it,” my mom said.

She was right, Kyle loved it. First, he started learning flips on the trampoline. He was a bit of a beginner when we started, but he learned how to do most of the stuff I’m learning. With a little help, Kyle was actually really good at it. He also got to try some boy sports like the rings and parallel bars.

But what Kyle and I liked the most was our instructor, Gordy. He was always cheerful, gave good advice, and didn’t get mad if we messed up. He taught us tricks on the bars, like mill circles, and helped us perfect some of the tricks we already knew. We also learned front handsprings on the tumble track. First, he had us do all these thing leading up to front handsprings. We had to do donkey kicks to make us reach far, and lie on a pommel horse and kick our heels up to practice heel drive. Heel drive helps you have more power and makes it easier to land your front handspring standing. Another thing we had to do was kick up to a handstand and roll on to a barrel to get an arch in our back.

All of it payed off. I can do a front handspring by myself now on a tumble track!

Another favorite thing was the trampoline, where we learned back and front flips. It was so fun! Gordy would give us these belts and clip us to two ropes. The ropes would slow us down to help us do flips. At first it was hard and we couldn’t do them, and we got stuck in the air and couldn’t flip over. But finally, we got it. I could do a front flip and land it by myself. But I still needed the ropes to do a back flip.

I love CATS gymnastics and hope I can come back again. This year as I travel, I am going to try and find good gymnastics places because gymnastics is something I really want to keep up with and get better at this year.

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  1. that looks soooooo fun!!!!!!!


  2. I loved the video!! Looks like you guys were having a blast! oh and fyi…I love your new hair :) Your look fabulous!!! Looking forward to your next post. Love you and miss you!!!

  3. COME BACK!!!!!!!




  5. AT IT I MEAN!!!!!!

  6. Cool i love the video!!!!

  7. OMG COLLY I LVE THE VIDEO! please come bak!! i miss u it!! looks so fun!!

  8. u r amazing!! u look so different, than i remeber!! u still have long hair!

  9. fiona the bored person that loves this website on October 7th, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    I was missing being jealous of your awesome abilities with anything acrobatic! But now i remembered why i love having a flexible friend. It’s entertaining! Miss You!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It sounds like fun but my computer won’t let me see the video. also like every other comment, i miss you!

  11. Omg Colly u look like u had so much fun!

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