Cutting My Hair for “LOL”

by Colly
This was right before I got my hair cut.

This was right before I got my hair cut.

On September 20th, I went from long to short.

I used to have long, straight blond hair. I used to love my long hair, but it was a total pain to wash and brush, and no matter how hard I tried, there were always knots in it. I decided to cut it all off not just so it’s easier to care for, but also because I wanted to help someone else: a child suffering hair loss. I am giving my hair to Locks of Love, a.k.a LOL. LOL is a nonprofit foundation. Kids and grownups can donate at least ten inches of their hair and mail it to LOL, and LOL gives it to other kids with medical problems such as alopecia or cancer. Alopecia is a disorder that causes hair to stop growing. Hair can also fall out and stop growing during chemotherapy for cancer.

The salon was near Pearl Street in downtown Boulder.  There were plants everywhere, and the owner’s cute little dogs were always running around; one was black and the other was white. The black one only weighed about three pounds and loved to sit on my lap while I got my hair cut. I actually was going to go to a different salon, but the stylist got sick and canceled. So we were just driving around on Sunday, looking for a place that accepted walk-ins, and found this one.

I met with a student stylist named Brittney, who was available at the time, and I told her what I was looking for and looked through some hair style magazines with her. Then we were ready — sort of. I was really scared because I was about to cut all my hair off, and I didn’t really know how good or bad Brittney would be.

Brittney braided my hair into a 10-inch braid ...

Brittney braided my hair into a 10-inch braid ...

First she pulled my hair into a low ponytail and we measured ten inches, and then she braided it and tied it at the bottom. My mom was trying to force me to smile while she took pictures, and my dad was on his IPhone, and my brother was trying to hold the dogs as they ran away from him. Then Brittney took her scissors and started cutting my hair. It felt like she was sawing it off. Then she showed me the braid and I almost freaked out.

“Oh, I love it! Can I take a picture?” my mom cooed.

“No,” I said, and put the apron over my face. Then I looked in the mirror and said, “Oh, I like it!” Even though one side was a lot longer, I could see how it was going to turn out, and I liked it.

Then Brittney started snipping at my hair. She was very hesitant. I looked in the mirror, and she looked kind of confused. “This doesn’t seem to be falling right,” she said to the lady next to her, the salon owner, who was cutting a guy’s hair. “How do I do this?”

... then she cut the braid, but it felt like she was sawing it!

... then she cut the braid, but it felt like she was sawing it!

Then the salon owner basically ditched her client and took about a half an hour showing Brittney how to cut the back of my hair in a layered angle.

Brittney wasn't sure how to cut my hair.

Brittney wasn't sure how to cut my hair.

After she got back to her client, she worked on him super fast and then came back to me and spent what seemed like an hour making my layers perfect. She said to me, “I love your hair, it’s super thick!”

Brittney was kind of looking confused still about what the owner was doing.

The salon owner took over while I held her dog.

The salon owner took over while I held her dog.

By this time, the little black dog was sitting in my lap covered in snips of blond hair, and Kyle was chasing the white dog around the salon. My mom had left to walk home and make dinner. My dad was still on his IPhone.

In the end, my hair turned out really cute. It’s an A-frame bob that’s longer in the front. I keep feeling my hair in the back and remembering that it’s not there.

I feel really good about what I did. I was scared about getting my hair cut off, but I knew some other kid was scared about not having any hair.

I hope other people will give their hair to Locks of Love too.

The "after" shot!

The "after" shot!

Goodbye hair!

Goodbye hair!

14 Responses to “Cutting My Hair for “LOL””

  1. OMG – YOU’RE SOOOOOO CUTE!!!! You look soooooo good in this stylish bob. I can’t wait until Merritt get’s home and sees this picture. You are so generous to share your hair but even better, you look amazing! I bet you’ll love your new style; it will be so much easier to take care of.

    : ) : ) : )

  2. hi, you’re hairs nice.

  3. OMG COLLY!!! i LOVE ur hair! the braid looks sooooooooo coool!! haha sweet!!

  4. Wow…What a large amount of hair! You have a BEAUTIFUL HAIR STYLE and the braid of hair looks longer than the lock of hair your Dad sent to me years ago. You look fabulous and very stylish. I can’t believe you trusted a beginner stylist: she had a very good instructor! I’ll bet you might drop your comb when you wake up tomorrow morning and start to comb out your (long hair). Loved the pictures!

    We can’t wait to see you and Kyle next week.

    PS. This is my first ever email!

  5. Hi Colly – Your hair looks awesome! How is your trip going?

  6. aaah

    its not really you!!
    i love it!!!!

  7. Hey babe,

    You are so fabulous and gutsy to cut your hair off like that.
    keep being a rockstare hon, it suits you,



  8. h….. my….. gosh…. I love it!!! And its such a good cause. The doggies are soooo ccuuuuttteee

  9. OMG Colly i love your hair cut and I am so glad that you desided to give it to locks of love.
    I miss you!,

  10. 😮
    Ur hair is soo pretty!!

  11. OMG!!!!! colly u look great it does not even look like u!!
    it is so cute!! i love that u r going to give it to locks of love!! i am going to try to do that too.(if i can grow my hair that long ha ha) I MISS U!!!!!!!!

  12. Colly, Just catching up on your blog. Loved the pictures and the description of the whole hair affair, but what impresses me most is that you have so many neat friends following your blog and posting such sweet comments.

    Keep writing!

    –Uncle David

  13. HEy colly i miss u soooooooooooooo much ur hair is awesome im growing out mine to


  14. I have long blond hair too. It was an absolute pain, and the water in some
    places turned it green(from chlorine). I never thought of cutting it though, its a good idea.